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Common Experiences


Porn Dependency Interfering with Relationship Satisfaction


Women with Sexual Trauma Unable to Experience Orgasm with Partner


Absence of Intimacy Causing Resentment


Couples Experiencing Relationship Distress Caused by Sexual and Intimacy Issues


Essential to Healing Self and Partner


Combining the Science and Art of
Love, Commitment, and Couplehood

Today, relationships are more complex then they have ever been. Couples want more from love but don't always have a clear vision of what "more" looks like, or how to achieve it!


Coaching can help with:

  • Positive communication skills

  • Understanding attachment styles and bonding

  • Maintaining autonomy while being connected

  • Negotiating different love and relationship styles

  • Working through life transitions

  • Coping with illness and disease that interfere with intimacy

  • Surviving infidelity

  • Staying together, in grief and loss

  • Issues with fertility

  • Changing destructive cycles

  • Overcoming relationship and sexual inhibitions/fears

  • Getting out of sexual ruts

  • Premarital coaching


Options Created to Meet Your Needs

An Enrichment Program Created to Ask the Right Questions

  • Stand alone e-workbook

  • Six weeks of e-sessions

  • Six weeks of in-office sessions

Focus on Specific Issues, Obstacles, and Areas of Disconnection

  • E-sessions, as you need

  • In-office sessions, as you need

  • One-day intensives (e-intensives and in-office)

An Enrichment Program Designed to Repair and Rebuild

  • Eight weeks of e-sessions

  • Eight weeks of in-office sessions

  • Weekend intensives and retreats

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