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Interfering with




Issues Causing

an Avoidance

of Sex


Issues with Orgasm


Top Reason Women Contact Me = Life Transitions

Living Well

A Holistic Lens

A woman's sexual and erotic beings are influenced by organic and psychogenic factors such as hormones, relationship satisfaction, life transitions, stress, busyness, unskilled partners, and trauma.

Finding resolutions often requires a holistic lens. The mind, body, heart, and spirituality, all act in a complex interplay that often requires untangling, healing, and balancing.


Coaching might be an option for you, if you:

  • I want to feel closer to my partner

  • I have problems opening myself sexually

  • I often feel alone

  • I've lost sight of what I want

  • I can't get over my partner's affair

  • I need help healing from attachment or erotic injuries

  • I want to learn more about orgasm and my body

  • I need help dealing with perimenopause or menopause transitions

  • I am struggling with infertility

  • My partner is dependent upon masturbation and porn

  • My partner has a fetish

  • I think my partner likes kinky sex

  • I'm in a non-monogamous relationship and want to work through some issues

  • I can't get over "mother's good girl" syndrome

  • I feel a lot of shame and want to let it go

  • I get attached too quickly in relationships

  • I need help establishing boundaries

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