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Premarital Coaching

Did You Know?


...of couples marry for love, love, love.

Honeymoon Phase

... lasts for about a year.

Divorce Rates

...are dropping.


... of couples report sharing household responsibilities leads to greater relationship satisfaction.


 ... can be a huge relationship stressor!

There is something about today’s couples that cannot be denied – they know the value of couplehood.  Most couples choosing the path of marriage do so because they deeply believe in the sanctity of marriage.  I do, too.


I have studied love-attachment and human sexuality for more than ten years.  For the past six years, I have been working with couples, who are working on their marriages.  During this time, I have witnessed two things that consistently arise: 1) that there is often a canyon between what we want in marriage, and what we actually experience, and 2) that the predictability of a guaranteed forever is a myth.

Premarital coaching topics include:

Do Opposites Really Attract?

How to Handle Differences

I have a Vision

Looking at Goals and Expectations

Me, Before You + Me

Making Sure Your Past Doesn't Haunt Your Today

Let's Talk About It

Positive Communication

Love, Intimacy, and Sex

Love Vision and What Intimacy Means

Happily Ever After

Future Goals and Dreams


book cover.jpg

A Marriage Primer Workbook

In this workbook, I invite couples to explore important areas in couplehood such as communication styles, finances, visions for the future, intimacy, and sex - all through relationship-strengthening questions.


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