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common experiences

Common Experiences


Issues With Erection

(under 49 years; increases to 36% in men over 49)


Early Ejaculation


Performance Anxiety


Low Testosterone Impacting Relationship and Sexual Wellbeing


 Report a Close Relationship is Important to Happiness


Your Life

Live Your Life the Way You Want

Men experience unique sexual concerns due to their anatomy and physiology, along with cultural and social upbringings.

Whether your concern is a single issue, or a combination of issues, coaching might be an option and good choice.


Coaching can help with:

  • I have low-T

  • I think I might be dependent upon porn and e-sex

  • I want to feel closer to my partner

  • I want to learn more about sex and ways to be intimate with my partner

  • I struggle with early/delayed ejaculation

  • I can't get hard when I want to

  • I might need help in healing attachment and erotic injuries

  • I want to stop performance anxiety from overtaking my sex life

  • I think I suck at dating

  • My partner tells me I am horrible at communicating how I feel

  • I have a fetish and this causes relationship issues

  • I like it kinky and this causes relationship issues

  • I want to have a healthy non-monogamous relationship

  • I lack motivation

  • I need better work-life balance

  • I want help setting and achieving goals

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