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Hello. I'm so happy you are here...

My name is Kelly Hamilton. I am a certified professional clinical sexologist, couples coach, author, and speaker. I have been researching, writing, and speaking about eroticism and love attachment for over a decade.

Is there a difference between coaching and therapy?

Yes, there is a huge difference! For about six years, I held private therapy practices in Orange County and the Inland Empire. Therapy can be a path to uncover, discover, recover, and maximize your well-being. Therapy has a large scope of practice and is a sacred space designed to hold most aspects of well-being. I enjoyed my work as a psychotherapist but found something was missing and this is why I retired my "therapy hat" and transitioned to a coaching-based model.


Coaching is not a treatment, a version of therapy, a cure, nor does it involve diagnosis and pathology. Coaching is about tapping into your strongest intuitive and creative self, and helping you connect to your life in a meaningful way. Coaching is about identifying what you want, creating a plan to get you there, and holding you accountable.

Many issues people struggle with are outside the scope of coaching. Our first session will be all about exploring your goals and needs to ensure your ultimate desired outcome is within the scope of coaching. If we find coaching is not the path for you, I am happy to provide referrals to some awesome therapists!


I am experienced in working with creatives and artists of all types including actors, writers, and musicians. I believe the Creative Mind is unlike other mind-types and experiences flow, blocks, insecurities, love, and intimacy in a unique way.

Doctor of Psychology

Certified Professional Clinical Sexologist

Certified, Expert Level
Sex Coach

Certified, Sexual Trauma

Published Author

Academic Researcher

Public Speaker

Founder, Reclaiming the Intimate We

Award Winning Educator

Triple-Certified Professional Educator

Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator and Therapist

Advocate for Mental Health and Public Policy

Sex Positive  ~  Body Positive  ~  Lifestyle Choice Positive  ~  Love Style Positive

Many people ask me why I became a clinical sexologist.

I'm happy to share my story.

It's a story worth talking about.

Maybe, we have something in common.

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