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8-Sessions  8-Steps
Based On the Science of Love, Intimacy, and Erotic Attachment.
Sessions are time-lined, directive and topic-focused, educational, and experiential.


Step 1: Healing Intimacy
Discover ways to soften communication, hold space, and touch each other in healing ways.
Step 3: Sensual Intimacy

Learn about your partner's body and ways to bring them pleasure.
Step 5: Sexual Intimacy

Increase your sexual skillsets and confidence.
Step 2: Affectionate Intimacy
Introduce play and exploration back into your relationship.

Step 4: Erotic Intimacy

Release inhibitions and road blocks that keep you from fully opening to each other.
Step 6: Conflict and Crisis Intimacy

Move beyond the cycles of pursuit and withdrawal that harm intimacy.
Step 8: The Alive Relationship
Couples who are passionate about their relationship are committed to creating the energy to sustain it. Final goal setting to avoid falling back into old habits and patterns.
Step 7: The Art of Conscious Couplehood

Mastering the art of love and couplehood involves knowledge and a conscious practice.

Reclaiming the Intimate We is designed to breakdown intimacy -straight to its foundation- and in the process, create a vision of what relationship quality, stability, and sustainability look like for the couple.

Emotion-focused, somatic-focused, and sexological approaches,

creating a synergy capable of opening the space necessary for awareness, growth,

and a deep connection, to occur.

We enjoyed the way intimacy was introduced through touch and emotions.  Kelly helped us find the areas in our relationship that we had been neglecting. Thank you! We can't recommend this enough!

This program changed everything for us. My wife and I hadn't been physically intimate for a long time. I never imaged the eight sessions would make such a difference in our relationship. Thank you, Kelly. I know you understand what this meant to us.

What can I say? You are amazing. Thank you for the extra at-home assignments. Thank you for everything you have done! Let us know when you start the retreats!

What Couples Say

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